Month: September 2018

Broadcasting Station with its Advertisement in China

Business always with its advertisement, actually there are many ways to advertisement as marketing means. Some enterprises try it through TV program; some companies have its advertisement through internet such as personal Blog website, Great B2B trade platform or B2C online in China. Various of ways of advertisement will progress each enterprises’ development, gain good business return, improve its products’ popularity of brand and own good fame about its enterprise. However there is one way as advertisement via broadcast. Perhaps the most of people will know that. It is such like listening the music and related broadcasting program through radio. By this time let us know about advertisement via broadcasting station in China.

Broadcasting Station in China

Radio station is a mass communication organization that collects, edits, produces and transmits sound programs to audiences in a certain area by means of radio waves. It is a news communication tool that communicates through radio waves or wires. Actually there two categories for broadcasting meanwhile radio broadcasting is called radio broadcasting, and the transmission of programs through wires is called wired broadcasting.


China’s first radio station was built in 1923 by foreigners. The Chinese people’s broadcasting business was founded in December 1940, that is, the predecessor of the Central People’s broadcasting station. At present, China has 273 radio stations, 302 TV stations and 50 educational stations. There are 125 million 690 thousand cable TV users nationwide and 4 million 130 thousand cable digital TV subscribers. At the end of the year, the total coverage rate of broadcasting was 94.5%, and the total coverage rate of TV was 95.8%.


China has 744 medium and short wave broadcasting stations and relay stations, 17554 FM transmitters and relay stations, 51517 TV transmitters and relay stations, 3006 microwave stations and 91783 kilometers of microwave lines. There are 34 satellite earth stations and 826,000 satellite receiving and transferring stations; 126 radio programs and 74 television programs are relayed using four satellites and 29 transponders.

Advantages of Advertisement of Broadcasting Station

There are more and more people who have cars. Radio is the only effective media for them to drive.


Even including the mobile phones as low-end with less functional, mostly with their own radio function, and listen to all free. For the largest mobile phone market in the world, radio advertising is undoubtedly a very effective medium for the Chinese who are most fond of playing with their mobile phones. Moreover, according to related survey, more than half of the patients who come to the hospital through radio advertising listen to radio advertising through their mobile phones.


About talk show interaction, radio media participation rate is relatively high, through the emotional description of experts and guests, rational analysis, it is easy to make listeners have a sense of trust in the enterprises.


Radio advertising supervision is not as strict as television and other media, for private enterprises, is undoubtedly a blue sea of propaganda.