A flexible, lightweight composite beam suspension crane

Lightweight modular cranes A flexible, lightweight composite beam suspension crane is the perfect choice when no working structure is allowed in a work area. This crane system requires a roof structure that can withstand sufficient strength to safely support the crane load. Customers can install multiple main beams on a fixed type of rail, which greatly improves production efficiency. These products are steel structures with a lifting capacity of 75-2000kg and a total length of the main beam of 10m. Compared to conventional girder cranes, the design of the closed rail is only one-third the force used. The truss rails are designed for greater span and more flexibility in the installation layout.China light crane manufacturer

Lightweight modular crane maintenance requirements:

China light crane manufacturer

1.Light-weight combination cranes are special equipments that need to be inspected by relevant departments and must be operated in accordance with the regulations of special equipment.

2.Do a good job of the maintenance and maintenance records of the light combination crane. If it is broken, the parts must be recorded, so that it will be clear when the maintenance is carried out. It is convenient to transfer with more detailed records, especially It is at work, this is very important.

3.It is strictly forbidden to use overload when using light combination crane, and it can’t exceed the larger stroke. The loss of overload will be great for the crane, and it is not safe. It is easy to cause accidents; it is easy to use beyond the larger stroke. Accidents are also unfavorable to the equipment.

4.There must be sufficient space around the light modular crane suspension for maintenance or other measures.

5.The standard components of the light modular crane can only be installed with original components. Parts such as missing screws and split pins must not be replaced at will.container crane manufacturers

Lightweight combined crane application range:

Lightweight combined cranes can be used in industrial production, logistics, equipment manufacturing and construction, terminal handling, equipment maintenance, machinery manufacturing workshops, ports, railways, civil aviation, power stations, paper, building materials and so on.

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