Clean room crane is a lifting equipment

Clean room crane is a lifting equipment frequently used in industrial production. Many workshops are inseparable from clean room cranes. The cost of clean room cranes is generally relatively high and the service life is long, so if the production site is moved It is necessary to renovate and relocate the original clean room crane so that the purpose of recycling can be achieved. So what are the precautions for the renovation and relocation of clean room cranes?best hydraulic scissor lift manufacturer in China

If the span of the new workshop and the original workshop crane are the same, the clean room crane can be directly moved.

Before the clean room is lifted and hoisted, the market supervision bureau of the crane should be informed, and the certificate of the clean room should be used, the registration form, the latest annual inspection report, and the relevant qualification documents of the loading and unloading construction unit. The construction plan and the owner’s organization code certificate are handed over to the special section. When the notice is passed, the transfer work can be carried out.

When the clean room is being rebuilt, it must be transported back to the crane manufacturer for transformation, because the manufacturer has the conditions for crane modification.

After the completion of the renovation of the clean room, it is necessary to inform the market supervision bureau of the location where the manufacturer is to be modified. The information to be provided is the same as that of the mobile equipment, but it is also necessary to provide the manufacturer with a certificate of transformation.

Whether it is the direct loading or unloading of the clean room, after the installation of the clean room, the local special equipment inspection department should go to the clean room to carry out the inspection and acceptance, confirm the test and issue relevant reports. Only after legal use can be used.electric cable hoist

The above is the precautions about the renovation and relocation of the clean room. I hope that when using the clean room, it must be done in strict accordance with the requirements of the transformation and loading, so as to ensure that the cleaning of the clean room is reasonable, legal and safe.

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