exterior wall insulation categories

In the modern exterior wall insulation decoration project, EPS, XPS, modified EPS are often bursting… These high-tech words are often dizzy for many users or laymen. Below, this article will explain to you. .thermal insulation material manufacturers

1.What is modified EPS (modified polystyrene board)

On the basis of traditional polystyrene board, DPX energy-saving technology has developed a new product through technology research and development: thermosetting grade A modified polystyrene board. The biggest feature is that the thermoplastic type of the traditional polystyrene board is upgraded to thermosetting. After fire detection, the fire performance reaches Class A. From the technical point of view, the thermosetting A-grade modified polystyrene board is divided into two types: coating type and permeability. The thermosetting A-grade coating type modified polystyrene board improves the polystyrene board from thermoplastic to thermosetting while maintaining the excellent physical properties of the polystyrene board, and effectively improves the fireproof performance of the polystyrene board, and can reach the grade A. At the same time, the properties of the thermal conductivity, compressive strength, water absorption, dimensional stability and the like of the polystyrene board are greatly improved by modification.

exterior wall insulation categories

2.What is polystyrene board (EPS)?

Polystyrene board is called expandable polystyrene. In fact, it should not be fooled by such a tall name. It is usually called foam board or EPS board. Look at its true body EPS is a white solid with a fine closed cell structure, which is made of expandable polystyrene beads containing a volatile liquid foaming agent and heated and pre-formed in a mold. The traditional polystyrene board is low in cost and widely used in the fields of moisture proof, heat insulation, heat preservation, decoration, anti-collision, etc., and is widely used in exterior wall insulation. However, the fire performance is basically B grade, which deforms after water absorption, thus losing the heat preservation effect.

3.What is graphite polystyrene board

Its products are all called: graphite molded polystyrene foam board, referred to as SEPS board. It can be widely used in interior and exterior wall insulation systems. Compared with traditional products, graphite polystyrene board has stronger fire resistance, more stability and reliability, and greatly improves the thermal insulation performance of the product. The thermal conductivity of graphite polystyrene board is about 0.033, which is 0.008% lower than the commonly used expandable polystyrene (EPS), and the new standard flame retardant grade is B1. The graphite polystyrene board produced by DPX is also lower than the graphite polystyrene board. The flame retardant level of EPS. According to the current actual conditions and technical conditions, graphite polystyrene board is a safe exterior wall insulation material, which will become a powerful competitive material to replace polystyrene board in the near future.

Features of graphite polystyrene board 1. Graphite polystyrene board has good fireproof performance, and the combustion performance can reach the flame retardant B1 grade. 2. The heat insulation ability is stronger. It is a classic heat insulating material. The expanded polystyrene is further refined by chemical methods. The product has a thermal conductivity of ≤0.033, and its thermal insulation capacity is 30% higher than that of ordinary EPS, which can improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 3, the same effect cost is lower, graphite polystyrene board cost-effective, with outstanding thermal insulation capacity, especially at low density, can be clearly expressed, in the same effect, it will be more cost-effective than other fire-resistant external insulation system .rock wool insulation suppliers 4. The construction is simple and the system integrity is good. The construction of the graphite polystyrene board external thermal insulation system is consistent with the construction method of the EPS thin plaster external wall thermal insulation system, and has high system integrity and durability. 5. Graphite polystyrene insulation board is mainly used for exterior wall insulation. The production process is to introduce graphite into the expandable polystyrene, so that it has the characteristics of good heat preservation effect and non-flammability.

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