Heavy-duty jib cranes


Heavy-duty jib cranes are hoisting machines used in conjunction with chain hoists or electric hoists or winches. It consists of a column, a swivel arm, a swing arm slewing drive and a hoisting mechanism. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation by anchor bolts. The motor drives the reducer drive device to make the cantilever swing. The hoist or hoist is used for the reciprocating operation on the cantilever variable cross-section arm.electric cable hoist

Heavy-duty jib cranes

The heavy-duty jib crane has the characteristics of convenient operation, small space occupation and large working range. It is widely used in the lifting, transportation of materials, assembly lines, assembly lines, warehouses, docks, laboratories, etc. in modern industries such as machinery manufacturing, automobiles, and shipbuilding. It is an ideal lifting equipment for enterprises to improve work efficiency and improve working conditions.

Heavy-duty jib cranes are equipped with cranes of different specifications and hoisting speeds and running speeds according to the needs of the job. The machine has two modes of operation: electric swing and manual swing. The angle of rotation of the rotating arm can be selected from different angles such as 180°, 270°, 345°, and 360° depending on the place of use.

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