Method for using double beam cantilever crane lifting deflection detector

The mobile cantilever crane supplies a lifting electric hoist at one end of the fully rotating cantilever to enhance the goods or workpiece. The other end is provided with a counterweight that swings relative to the boom for balance. It is widely used in factories, mines, workshops, fields, warehouses and other small and light equipment. Moreover, lifting and unloading of heavy objects and products, as well as low-rise buildings should not be equipped with cranes and other working conditions. What does the cantilever deflection deflection mean?container crane manufacturers

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A deflection deflection detector is used to measure the deflection of the instrument. The deflection deflection detector is capable of detecting two-dimensional changes in the longitudinal and lateral relative displacement of an object of a desired viewpoint, mainly for static and dynamic deflection detection of bridges, completion and inspection of bridges, identification; special bridges such as military pontoons and suspension bridges; Deformation and oscillation displacement monitoring; or beam, slant deflection deflection column, high-rise building, detailed cantilever crane, deformation of drilling channel and oscillation displacement of long-span structure.

Method for using double beam cantilever crane lifting deflection detector.

Taking the deflection of the cantilever deflection as an example: the deflection detector is placed on the shelf with the detector fulcrum and adheres to the measuring point on the bridge. According to the moving situation of the measured point, the device is pre-predicted by other deflection detectors. The location to stay. When the cantilever crane is loaded with a deflection, when the deflection of the suspension crane is deflected, a corresponding displacement sensor is placed on the deflection detector to measure the corresponding deformation displacement and transmit it to the terminal controller.

The terminal controller passes through the computer program to dispose the relevant maximum deflection of the cantilever crane, the minimum deflection, and the like.

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