Several categories of clamps

The clamp is a connection device for connecting the grooved pipe fittings, the valve and the pipe fittings, and is used for fastening the hoops between the quick joints, and the general joints are provided with gaskets, rubber, silica gel and tetrafluoroethylene. It has good performance, high sealing and easy installation.hose clamps suppliers

The main materials of the clamp: carbon spring wire, stainless steel spring wire, phosphor bronze spring wire, etc.

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Several categories of clamps:

A wire clamp is a ring-shaped clamp that is wrapped around two wires. The clamp has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient use, strong clamping force and good sealing performance. It is mainly used for connection fastening and sealing of common hoses, nylon plastic hoses, cloth hoses and hoses for vehicles, ships, diesel engines, gasoline engines, machine tools, fire-fighting machines, etc.

Cast iron clamps are cast directly. It is mostly used for construction pipe installation, its performance is good, the sealing degree is high, and the installation is simple.

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