Small crane features and classification

The small crane is the abbreviation of Small Crane. It is usually a special type of small crane (usually lifting weight less than 12 tons) installed on the chassis of small cars and agricultural vehicles. Widely used in construction sites, industrial and mining enterprises, stations, terminals, electricity, postal, urban construction, gardens, paving bridges and other fields.light crane manufacturer

light crane manufacturer

KBK rigid small crane:

Closed rails, modular production and assembly. To ensure reliable and stable quality, the lifting capacity can be up to 3200kg, and the scope of application is wide. It is especially suitable for modern production lines such as machining, assembly and warehousing. Its characteristics are summarized as follows:

Reliable, stable, accurate, cost-effective

The track is made of high-strength steel once cold-rolled to avoid deformation of the secondary weld. The closed design of the track effectively prevents the occurrence of dust on the rolling surface, thereby reducing the resistance and wear of the small wheel and the track. Make it more flexible and extend its service life.

Simple structure design, reducing failure rate; smooth wheel contact surface and unique wheel design, ensuring low running resistance, low noise; lighter manual operation, low overall power, low energy consumption

The rigid connection and the unique guide wheel design ensure that the main beam will not be inclined or swayed under the condition of no load, thus ensuring the best positioning of the load.

The high-strength track and the expandable truss structure design make it unnecessary to increase the I-beam suspension as a whole, thereby reducing the overall weight, lifting capacity of up to 2000kg, economic and environmental protection. In particular, the optimization of the truss structure can make the interval up to 9m, greatly reducing the number of columns or supports, reducing space interference, and making the layout of the plant beautiful and simple.

Adaptable, precise layout

Modular production, modular combination installation, can be accurately designed according to your actual needs, reducing equipment waste. All kinds of standard modules can be connected by bolts, which can be modified according to the changing production needs.

The optimized structural design provides self-supporting column suspension type beamless ultra-low clearance and other installation methods according to the customer’s existing plant structure and space requirements. Stainless steel rails are available for clean spaces and food grade rails for different operating conditions.

Small crane features

Full hydraulic transmission, stable operation, free adjustment of working speed, high work efficiency and low labor intensity, is the mainstream and development direction of light cranes. It is equipped with safety locks and hydraulic brakes, with advanced technology and good safety. Use the vehicle chassis produced by the manufacturer, the configuration is reasonable, and the reliability is guaranteed. The boom material is integrally pressed with national standard steel. It is equipped with night-time work lighting and a device that alerts the crew in the work area. The installed motor has a dual-power function, which broadens the scope of application and reduces the cost of use. Small cranes are small in size and suitable for rural construction.crane manufacturers

Small crane classification

According to the vehicle chassis, it can be divided into: small car cranes, agricultural vehicle cranes, tricycle cranes, and homemade chassis. According to the number of crane hooks, it can be divided into: single hook small crane, double hook small crane.

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