The performance of light cranes

Light cranes are designed based on bulky and heavy cranes. The design starting point determines the compact and flexible nature of the light crane body. Thanks to the familiarity with the principle of leverage, the use of light cranes always takes advantage of the lever’s skill, and can be done sensitively at startup without excessive wear and tear; operability is great: well-known The light crane is a powerful machine that combines the man-machine operation mode. The point of worry and peace of mind is that human intervention can be effectively used throughout the operation to achieve various detailed light crane manufacturer

For example, in the case of rotation and horizontal displacement, the manual mode of the light crane can be used to make the material placement position more precise, and the electric mode is adopted when lifting larger materials.

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Balance: Lightweight cranes are super balanced, due to the mechanical lever principle of their design. This balance performance effectively helps the owner to safely displace the cargo materials during the operation. There is no dangerous action like shaking or tilting, which causes the project to fall into an unstable swing state, which affects the progress of the project and also makes the field staff In a dangerous situation. The light crane is a very good and reliable partner with its insurmountable super balance, light flexibility and wide operability, which brings great convenience and worry-free experience to people’s production operations.

In the process of using small cranes, there are some unexpected situations. For example, small crane wheels are easy to slip during rainy days, which affects normal use. Small cranes are generally used outdoors, so this is often the case, and attention should be paid to the design of small cranes. It can be attached to a tire that is easy to slip with a non-slip chain. This is done to increase the friction between the tire and the ground, thus reducing the chance of slippage. Generally speaking, do not use small cranes on rainy days, do well in rain prevention measures, and pay attention to clean the rain before running, so that the small cranes can maintain a good working condition and ensure safe and stable lifting tasks. In many protection work, the rust prevention work of small cranes is indispensable.crane manufacturers

Where the metal structure paint film is damaged, the surface of the component should be cleaned and then coated with anti-rust paint and decorative paint film to reduce the corrosion of metal in rain and snow. In the active part of the small crane, such as the connecting pin shaft of the sling and the small crane, each guiding wheel, the wheel of the car, etc., it is necessary to do a good job of anti-rust work. The surface of the parts should be cleaned first, and then these parts should be lubricated with -10 or -20 diesel oil to make an oil film on the metal surface, and then apply a layer of grease, but do not apply too thick.

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