What are the causes and types of cranes problems

The crane is a lifting and transporting machine with lifting equipment, lifting, rescue and other functions. It is actually a general term for cranes. So everyone knows why the crane arm will have telescopic jitter? What are the types, advantages and disadvantages of car cranes? The following content will be introduced in detail for you. The following is an introduction to “What are the causes and types of problems with cranes?”

1.There is a problem with the design of the boom

The telescopic expansion of the boom is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, a wire rope pulley block, and a sliding trolley mounted on the head of the hydraulic cylinder. When the boom is fully extended, the sliding trolley withdraws from the horse’s head arm; when the arm is retracted, the sliding trolley enters the horse’s head arm. If there is no design guide plate on the left, right side and bottom surface of the rear end of the horse head arm, or the position of the guide plate is not reasonable, the car will be able to hit the rear end of the horse head arm when entering and exiting the horse head arm, causing the boom to shake.Best Electric Cable Hoists Manufacturer

Remedy: When designing and processing the boom, the rear end of the horse’s head arm should be equipped with a guide plate and calculate the position.

What are the causes and types of cranes problems

2.there is air in the hydraulic cylinder

Once the air enters the hydraulic circuit, it will increase the oil elasticity, reduce the rigidity of the hydraulic transmission, and cause the impact and creep of the telescopic cylinder, which will cause the boom to expand and contract.

Remedy: Locate the point of entry into the air, repair and expel the air from the hydraulic circuit.

3.the telescopic cylinder processing size is out of tolerance

The processing dimensions of the boom telescopic cylinder, such as the roundness of the inner diameter of the cylinder barrel, the cylindricity, and the geometrical tolerance of the coaxiality of the guide sleeve and the piston, if the tolerance is excessive, will increase the movement resistance of the telescopic cylinder, thereby causing the telescopic expansion and contraction of the boom.

Remedy: Process the telescopic cylinder parts strictly according to the drawings.

4.the boom production accuracy is not up to standard

The drawing of the boom will require dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances. If the standard is not reached during the specific manufacturing process, the gap between the booms will be uneven, so that the boom stretching process will be tight and loose.

Remedy: Strictly enforce the drawing requirements.

5.Poor lubrication of the boom slider and slide   Poor lubrication of the boom slider and slide can also cause the boom to expand and contract.

Remedy: Regularly check the lubrication of the slider and slide, and apply grease in time.

6.boom telescopic wire rope loose

If the boom telescopic rope is loose, it will cause the boom to shake.

Remedy: Firstly ensure that the length and tension of the telescopic arm wire rope meet the requirements; also check the lubrication of the boom and the contraction arm pulley, the wear of the pulley bushing, add grease or replace the pulley lining if necessary.

7.Excessive friction when the boom is telescopic

When the boom is stretched, the frictional force is too high, causing the system pressure to rise and fall, causing hydraulic shock, which causes the boom to expand and contract.

Remedy: The slider whose wear exceeds the specified value needs to be replaced, so that the gap between the boom and the slider meets the specified value.

8.the balance valve damping hole is blocked

A balancing valve is provided in the telescopic circuit. The balance valve consists of a check valve and a relief valve. The overflow valve core has a damping hole. Once the damping hole is blocked, the balance valve will lose its function, causing the boom to expand and contract.

Remedy: Disassemble the balancing valve and clear the orifice.

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