What are the main advantages of modular cranes

Because the modular crane adopts the prefabricated modular design structure, it has great advantages in transportation, assembly and disassembly, and therefore can be used freely in many places. It is a popular type of lifting nowadays. Equipment type. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this kind of lifting equipment.

What are the main advantages of modular cranes

What are the main advantages of modular cranes?

1, high reliability and high stability

When the manufacturer designs and produces the combined crane, the components used in it are all standard modules, so the system as a whole has a very high reliability.overhead gantry for sale manufacturer In addition, the main part of the system module of the combined crane uses high-quality cold-rolled profiles, which have relatively high strength and rigidity, but are lighter in weight, so that the stability of the crane system can be effectively ensured.

2, adaptability is very strong

Since the modular crane adopts a modular design, it can be flexibly designed and arbitrarily combined according to the specific environment of the job site and the actual needs of different stations, so that it can be easily transported to a high point. Multi-point accuracy, multi-beat automated transport lines, can also be applied to the transformation or extension of the old system.

3, easy to install and cost-effective

When installing the modular crane, each module and the profile can be easily connected by bolts, which not only can effectively save the space and area of ​​the job site, but also reduce the human resources that need to be invested and improve the work efficiency during the operation. Therefore, the combined crane has very good economic benefits.

In the above, the combination crane manufacturer introduced several main advantages of this type of lifting equipment. Through a brief introduction, it is not difficult to see that the applicability of the combined crane is very high, and it can also help the enterprise to improve efficiency and reduce Manually invested, so many places now use low-energy combined cranes to work.

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