what should I do if the abnormal sound of the KBK track is running

Many faults in KBK rails, such as faults in control appliances, motors or reducers, are often accompanied by abnormal noise. The position and height of the noise and the sound are different depending on the cause of the fault. So what should I do if the abnormal sound of the KBK track is running? The following small series will introduce you to everyone.Best Electric Cable Hoists from China Manufacturer

1.The KBK rail motor emits abnormal noise, and should stop immediately, check whether the motor is running in single phase, or the bearing is damaged, the shaft of the coupling is not correct, and the “broom” is faulty. These will make the motor have abnormal noise and the sound of different faults.

what should I do if the abnormal sound of the KBK track is running

The position and the height are different from the sound. When the single-phase is running, the whole motor emits a “beep” sound that is regularly strong and weak. When the bearing is damaged, it will be in the vicinity of the bearing, and it will be accompanied by “dengdeng-dengdeng”. “Sound, and the shaft axis of the coupling is not right, or the motor is slightly broomed, the whole motor emits a very high “beep” sound, accompanied by sharp and harsh sounds. In short, the fault should be found according to the noise. , to carry out item-by-item maintenance, to restore the normal performance of the motor, when the motor failure is not processed, it is forbidden to use the hoist.

2.Abnormal noise occurs on the control loop and emits “heng” noise. Generally, the contactor has a fault. The fault contactor should be repaired and replaced. If it cannot be repaired, the noise should be eliminated by itself.China light crane manufacturer

3.The abnormal noise of KBK track is sent from the reducer, and the reducer is faulty. At this time, stop the inspection. First, determine whether the reducer or the reducer of the reducer is lubricated before use. If the lubricant is replaced regularly, if not Lubrication as required, the reducer not only produces excessive “click” sound, but also excessive wear or damage to the gears and bearings.

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