Why the lifting object falls during the operation of the jib crane

If the lifting object falls during the operation of the jib crane, it will pose a great threat to safety. Therefore, we must understand the causes of the crane’s heavy weight falling and strengthen the prevention to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.floor mounted jib crane for sale

Why the lifting object falls during the operation of the jib crane

1.Unsafe behavior of people

Human behavior is affected by various factors such as physical, psychological and comprehensive quality. It is characterized by unskilled operational skills, lack of necessary safety education and training; non-driver operation, undocumented employment; violation of rules and regulations, bad operational habits; judgment Operation errors, command signals are not clear, lifting drivers and cranes are not coordinated, and human biological rhythms are in the “three high areas”. In short, poor safety awareness and low operational skills are the main causes of accidents.

2.Security management defects

Management includes leadership safety awareness level; implementation of crane management, inspection and regular safety performance inspection; safety education and training for relevant personnel; special training for lifting workers, regulation of crane safety operation and establishment of illegal reward and punishment system And the accident emergency plan, the lack of effective monitoring and management of the periodic inspection of lifting equipment and lifting aids. Any negligence and inadequacy in safety management is one of the important reasons for lifting casualties.port crane

3.Environmental factors

Unfavorable environments that exceed safety limits or hygienic standards, such as high-dust, high-temperature, high-humidity, low-temperature, high-noise, windy days, poor lighting, etc., will be distracting and directly affect the operator’s ability to respond. The stability of the technology, the chances of misoperation and illegal operation increase, resulting in accidents. In addition, the poor working environment will also cause the crane system itself to reduce the function or even accelerate the failure of the zero (structure) parts. One of the safety factors.

4.Unsafe state of the jib crane

The first is the risk caused by the irregular design of the jib crane, such as overload protection failure, insufficient balance axle strength, no anti-decoupling device, unreasonable selection of rigging rigging, etc., followed by manufacturing defects and installation defects, such as improper selection, The processing quality is not good, so that the equipment with hidden dangers is put into use. A lot of problems exist in the use of the link, for example, failure to replace the scrapped parts in time, lack of necessary safety protection, poor maintenance and operation, and even cause movement out of control, parts or Structural damage, irregular safety performance inspection, etc. In short, defects in any part of design, manufacture, light crane installation, use and inspection may bring serious consequences of the fall of the hook hanger. The essence of the crane (design, manufacture, installation) Safety is the basic condition for ensuring the safety of lifting operations.


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